Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, let us know!

What do you do with my data?

Not much. Our algorithm scans your transactions and sorts them into categories, and we look for patterns in your data to predict whats going to happen in the future. Other than that, it’s just waiting around for a chance to be useful to you. Just you.

How does the forecasting work?

It’s not magic, we just look for patterns and add in some external, common sense expectations.

If your salary arrives on the last business day of every month, you can guess when it will arrive next month. If you live in Amsterdam, we know when your taxes will become due. Etc.

Expectations include insightful knowledge bombs such as “People will probably buy presents and extra food in December” and “In the summer, people will likely go on holiday”

Do you have an app?

Nope. We’d like to, though.

Is my information private?

Yes. We’re not sustained by advertising or shady data sharing agreements. We depend on our users for revenue, and that means we put our users first, all the time. No one else needs access to your data and no one is going to see it.

Can I choose what metrics I see?

Right now you can’t, but we understand that different people different needs and questions. We’re working on it.

We’re going to keep this tool simple, though. So don’t expect all your questions to be answerable. Only the important ones.

How do I start?

Sign in and you’ll see step by step instructions. At the moment you need to manually download your bank statements and then upload them to MyEuros.

We know this isnt ideal, and we’d rather access the data automatically (after you’ve given us persmission).

We want to leverage the Open Banking APIs that are available to do this, but this requires funding. If you can help us with that then please get in touch!

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